Challenge One to One of the Influencers: Alê Oliveira beats Ney Silva in shoot out

The duel was broadcast on Ney Silva’s social networks, with more than 1 million followers, and also on the Youtube channel F12.TV

In a close game, Alê Oliveira from Paraíba won the pioneer of the Challenge one to one of the Influencer, Ney Silva, on Pernambuco soil, last Monday (4). The exciting dispute reached the end of the second half in 3×3 and had to go to the shoot out decision, consecrating the victory of the bregafunk dancer.

“I challenged in the game… Congratulations on your preparation. You are ten thousand times better than when you played with Cremosinho. I don’t know if you played with him and played with me for real (laughs). You are sensational”, said Alê Oliveira. after the match, which was fully balanced.

On social media, “Voz da Várzea” was satisfied with its performance on the field. “I’m really happy. I was watching the bids yesterday, I’m really proud. Once again, thank you so much to those who cheered there on the live. 3×3, the game. I had the opportunity to win. Two balls on the beam. the owl sleeps and the other the goalkeeper stayed on the ground. Congratulations on the victory, Alê. But I’m very happy. I didn’t know how to kick. a million followers”

Off the field, influencers had the support of several internet friends, such as Luva de Pedreiro, Lei de Moisés, Bança Show, Jade (Alê Oliveira’s girlfriend), Thiago Barros, Anderson Neiffe and many other names.

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