Desafio Um Pra Um forms a team with professional athletes from different states of Brazil

The modality leveraged by influencer Ney Silva, with more than 1 million followers on social networks, continues to make history in the lives of thousands of Brazilians. This time, Desafio Um Pra Um traveled to different capitals in Brazil to select professional athletes to compose the team of players.

With the mission of changing the reality of peladeiros who dream of being professional players, the Um Pra Um Challenge already has the first confirmed athletes. All of them were winners of the stages of the National Desafio um pra um Championship.

In Recife, capital of Pernambuco, where the sport began to expand, the professional athletes are: Vassoura, Mané, Marivânio, Gege and goalkeepers Paulinho, Lucas, Bakalu.

In Ceará, the Desafio Um Pra Um team will be represented by the players: Ryan Malvadão, Yuri Smith, Gabriel Jesus, Berg Jacuma e Kauan, e os goleiros 

Paredão Josué, Mateus Hambúrguer e Roger. 

The Rio de Janeiro team is made up of: Pedro Augusto (Drope), Mateus Felix (Mateuzinho), Cristhian Robert (Bulico), Thiago Herculano (Juninho Diamante) e os goleiros Fellipe da Silva, Mateus Willians, Luan Pereira (Docinho) e Thiago Aragão.

The São Paulo team is still being defined through selections with the organizers of the desafio um pra um, and the participants will be announced shortly.

Entrepreneurs Marcelo Batata and Mozyr Sampaio at the Desafio Um Pra Um event. Photo: Caio Falcão/Disclosure.

The athletes were hired by the CEO’s Marcelo Batata and Mozyr Sampaio, and will be summoned to play in emblematic and exhibition games.

“It is very gratifying to see the opportunities that the One for One modality promotes in the lives of athletes, in addition to making fun and entertainment for those who are watching everything through lives or in person at events. We are very happy to take this step further, seeking to further leverage the One to One Challenge in Brazil and around the world.”, said Marcelo Batata, entrepreneur and event organizer.

Regarding the athletes, the strategy is that they can continue to spread the sport around the world. “Our plan is to take this sport out of the country and we already have plans for a Casa do Um Pra Um in Madrid, Spain, with some of these athletes already confirmed. It’s sure to be a lot of fun for people who love naked and football reviews”, explains Mozyr Sampaio.

Recently, the Um Pra Um Challenge caught the attention of the BFEXPO 2022 organization, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), which took the experience to the football innovation fair.

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