Desafio Um pra Um wins exclusive blog about the modality

Admirers and fans of the sport that grows the most in Brazil can celebrate: the Desafio Um Pra Um launched an exclusive blog with news about the new sport, with curiosities about athletes, games and events.

Despite being a fever among Brazilians in different parts of the country, the sport is very recent and there is still little explanatory content available on the internet. With that, the strategy of generating content about 1×1 for the public was born, allowing new people to know and understand more and more the “um pra um”.

“Desafio Um Pra Um is already huge, but it will be even bigger. I’m sure of that. But for that, more people need to know, understand the fundamentals, the rules and also have access to curiosities of the Um Pra Um universe. The portal came up with that purpose and, honestly, it’s really cool. Lots of content for the gang to check out. There, there’s showing how past games were, there are exclusive interviews with players, curiosities and much more”, explained Marcelo Seiroz, partner and founder of Desafio Um pra Um.

Desafio Um Pra Um

Created in the communities, the 1×1 modality reached millions of fans and admirers in Brazil and around the world, through the face-to-face and online events of the Desafio Um Pra Um. Conquering the attention of football stars like Neymar and Zé Roberto, the modality fascinates for the simplicity of the game. 1×1 combines attacks, dribbling and a lot of adrenaline with the iconic narration of digital influencer Ney Silva, with more than 1 million followers, who broadcasts the games on Instagram and makes emblematic comments about the bids.

The 1×1 became a national fever for bringing together naked players on the fields, while professional players follow everything from the other side of the screen, as a kind of virtual bleachers simultaneously through the lives.

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