F12 and LOUD announce new projects together in 2023

F12.Bet, which belongs to the holding of Marcelo Seiroz, Mozyr Sampaio and the king of futsal Falcão, promises to surprise the public that enjoy esports and games in 2023. This Thursday (23), the company announced a new partnership, this time with LOUD, an organization that is one of the biggest phenomena in the Brazilian gaming and electronic sports scene. 

The union between the brands intends to diversify even more the forms of entertainment for the gamer public, through the support to LOUD in the creation and maintenance of competitive lineups, new experiences and community events, mainly focused on the Northeast of the country, to bring fans and team members together.

“We are very happy to become one of LOUD’s biggest sponsors. As F12’s slogan says, ‘Different from anything’, LOUD also shares the same ideology. The organization is always looking for innovation and entertainment, so we decided to invest in the project, so that together we can take brands to the next level”, explains Marcelo Seiroz, partner and founder of F12.

The relationship between organizations is not of today. Since last November, the influencer Luva de Pedreiro, managed by F12, has become LOUD’s ambassador. The bond of friendship, trust and work between the two companies emerged in this way and guarantees to grow even more, with the public as the main beneficiary.

“Our daily goal is to keep taking gaming to the next level, and while we’ve been successful in competitions and connecting with our audience, we’re always looking to achieve much more. The new partnership with F12 is fully focused on developing new experiences for the gaming community as a whole. We’ll be more present in more regions of Brazil and we’ll be able to expand our presence and structure in competitive lineups in Brazil and in the world. There are a lot of interesting projects happening and we are very excited,” said streamer and founder of LOUD Bruno “PlayHard” Bittencourt.

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