F12.Bet announces Arena F12 with World Cup game broadcasts and exclusive shows, check the schedule

The space is a partnership with the event producer Delux

The long-awaited hexa could be close. The Brazilian team is considered one of the favorites for the 2022 World Cup title. And as every Brazilian likes to watch the likes and celebrate the victories, F12.Bet teamed up with the Delux agency to provide a complete experience for fans.

Delux in Copa F12.Bet is confirmed on the 24th, 28th and 2nd of December, at Arena F12, located in Pina, with a mega structure so that people from Recife can watch the games live and then enjoy concerts by great artists, such as Mari Fernandez, Vitor Fernandes, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Dj Deb Lima, Lipe Lucena and much more.

24th of November – Brazil x Serbia
Mari Fernandez
Vitor Fernandes
DDP Diretoria
Rafa Mesquita

28th of November – Brazil x Switzerland
Tarcísio do Acordeon
Deb Lima

December 2 – Brazil x Cameroon
Lipe Lucena
Helton Lima

Tickets are available on the  Bilheteria Digital website and app and cost R$100 for each day or R$240 for the three-day combo.

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