F12.Bet launches World Cup sweepstakes, understand and participate

The World Cup mood took over F12.Bet. To make the matches even more exciting, the sports betting site launched an exclusive sweepstakes so that customers can register their guesses and compete for R$ 10,000 per round in the group stage.

The user must access the official website, select the available games to bet on and send the tip, which will be associated with the customer’s personal data. Thus, the platform will be able to contact the winners.

The value of the prize will be divided among all the winners at the end of the round according to the table below:

Hexa – 6 Hits – 50% of the prize value (R$ 5,000);

Penta – 5 Matches – 30% of the prize amount (R$ 3,000);

Tetra – 4 Matches – 20% of the prize amount (R$ 2,000).

If more than one user hits “Hexa”, “Penta”, “Tetra”, the prize will be divided equally between the winners of each type of award. If there is no winner in the category, the round prize will be accumulated.

The promotion will run until the 22nd of December this year, and may be terminated at any time by F12.Bet, without prior notice.

The payment of prizes will be made as a balance on F12.Bet for withdrawal. To check all the terms and conditions, just go to the website.

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