F12 Entertainment is in the metaverse

The company of the King of Futsal has entered into a partnership with Epic Games

The metaverse is the hot topic all over the world. Understanding the revolutionary capability of shared virtual and collective space, F12 Entertainment has partnered with Epic Games to create an environment for its collaborators. 

The  F12 Entertainment Metaverse is a virtual business space, with several areas, such as: reception, meeting room, training and lectures room, pantry, decompression room with relaxing music playlist, running track, wooded park with games (Tetris, Poker and Witch Dice) for leisure and more.

One of the great benefits of being in the metaverse is the agility and speed of establishing connections and holding meetings. Just approach someone and a video call starts, allowing questions to be resolved in seconds through the functionality. As Metaverso F12 Entertainment is located inside the Epic Games Brazil complex, users can also take the subway to meet other people and companies, such as Borsch, Leroy Merlin and Avon, which are also present in the virtual space.

“Using the metaverse is helping our company’s day-to-day activities. We are achieving greater approximation and rapport between our team members, which are spread across the offices in Brazil and Portugal. In the online space, everyone is able to collaborate more and more for the development and growth of the holding company and its products”, says F12 Entertainment CEO Daniel Santos.

Epic Games’ corporate metaverse is playful 2D format and doesn’t need a high-end computer, don’t wear glasses or install anything. The virtual office can be similar to the existing face-to-face office or something completely new and different, such as a flower village, space station or the Batcave, and can also be accessed via mobile and 3G band.

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