F12 will have a strong presence at Pernambuco Carnival

Emphasizing, once again, the importance of online and offline experiences for people, the F12 group decided to make a strong presence in the Pernambuco carnival events calendar. The period is much awaited by people from all over Brazil and should bring together more than 4 million tourists during the revelry in the municipalities of Recife and Olinda.

Promoting culture, diversity and, above all, fun, F12 teamed up with local production companies and also with the City Hall of Olinda, one of the main cities with an intense schedule of artists and blocks.

For carnival, F12 arrives with the mission of providing greater comfort for revelers, providing competitions and games, instagrammable spaces so that people can take their photos for social networks and also get to know a little about the experience of online F12 games .Bet.


Check out the F12 calendar:


Previous Parties


Bloco do Rosa

Date: 03/02/2023

Time: 21h

Location: Parador, in the neighborhood of Recife.

Attractions: Raí Saia Rodada, Pedro Sampaio, Xanddy Harmonia and Patusco.

Tickets: on sale on the Ingresse website and app.

Enquanto isso na Sala da Justiça

Date: 10/02/2023

Time: 21h

Location: Pernambuco Convention Center, located at Av. Professor Andrade Bezerra, s/n, Salgadinho, Olinda/PE.

Attractions: Baianasystem, Gilsons invites Gilberto Gil, Malícia Champion + Orquestra de Frevo do Baba, Isaar, Martins and Fábio Trummer, Sambadeiras and Dj Gilson Martins.

Tickets: on sale on the Ingresse website and app.


Bloco da Safadeza

Date: 11/02/2023

Time: 20h

Location: Arena SFDZ, structure set up at Clube Internacional do Recife, located at R. Benfica, 505 – Madalena, Recife – PE, 50720-001

Attractions: Deb Lima, MC Danny, Molejo, Rodrix and Frevo Orchestra.

Tickets: Bilheteria Digital


Virgens do Bairro Novo 

Date: 12/02/2023
Time: 12 pm
Location: Av. Getulio Vargas – Bairro Novo
Free. Block open to the public with 10 electric trio. Attractions: Avine Vinny, Priscila Senna, Douglas Pegador, Sheldon, Tuca Barros, Roginho, Allan Dibôa, Asas da América, Som da Terra and Renato Pires.

Bloco Cata Ponche


Time: 13:30h

Location: Av. Afonso Olindense

Admission: Open to the public

Unique Carnival

Date: 17/02/2023

Time: 21h

Location: Cais do Sertão Museum (Patio and Garden), located at Armazém 10, Av. Alfredo Lisboa, s/n – Recife, PE, 50030-150.

Open bar.

Attractions: Black Coffee, Ashibah, Jackson, Fmenezes, Mau x Kant x Tato, Luna.

Tickets: Ingresse.

Carnival, Blocks and Boxes


City Hall – Carnival of Olinda

Dates: 18/02 to 21/02/2023

Location: Historic Site

Convenience: Support Point for revelers upon registration on the F12.Bet website. Space located at Rua Prudente de Morais, 281, Carmo, Olinda-PE

CEP: 53 020-140.

Open to the public


Camarote Galo Paradise – Galo da Madrugada

How to get there: Disembark on the Cap viaduct descent. Temudo (towards the north zone), go down the side loop and arrive in complete peace of mind at Galo Paradise.

Open bar.

Attractions: Xand Avião, Mari Fernandez, Tarcísio do Acordeon, Avine Vinny.


Camarote Seu Boteco – No Carnaval do Recife 

Dates: 17/02 to 21/02/2023

Location: Marco Zero, Recife Antigo.

Open bar, open food at Restaurante Seu Boteco and a privileged view to watch the attractions of Polo Marco Zero, Recife City Hall carnival.

Tickets: and physical sales at Seu Boteco restaurant.


Carnaval Parador 

Dates:19, 20 and 21/02/2023

Time: 5pm


Sunday (02/19) – Nação Zumbi, Marcelo Falcão, Mestre Ambrósio, Academia da Berlinda, Attoxxá and DJ 440.

Monday (02/20) – Glória Groove, Luísa Sonza, Urias, Thiago Pantaleão, Tayara Andreza, Babaioff and Marcello H.

Tuesday (21/02) – Silva, Duda Beat, Matuê, Eddie, Carol Biazin and vinyl Tuesday with DJ 440.

Location: Parador, located in the neighborhood of Recife.

Tickets: Bilheteria Digital

Não acredito que te beijei – carnival hangover


Time: 4pm

Location: Parador, located in the neighborhood of Recife.

Attractions: Priscila Senna, Iguinho and Lulinha, Ávine Vinny, Eric Land, Marcynho Sensação and Lipe Lucena.

Ticket: Bilheteria Digital 

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