Find out about the main terms used in sports betting

Those who decide to play sports betting will end up coming across words and expressions that are uncommon and quite specific in this universe. Learning the most used terms can help beginners understand how it works and make their bets more clearly. In this glossary we will introduce you to the definition of the most used terms. Check it:

All-in: When a player goes all-in in just a single round;

Live Bets: These are bets created during a game;

Double bet: A bet made on two different events whose outcome depends on the accuracy of the two bets.

Special Bets: Term used for non-sports bets. Ex: TV shows, politics, etc.

Final bet: A bet that takes into account the final result of the match.

Halftime Betting: Takes into account the score of an event at halftime;

Single bet: A bet placed on a single event;

Multiple bet: Also called accumulator, it is a bet on four different events regardless of sport.

Bad beat: Sequence of losing bets by the player;

Banker: bet placed on an obvious outcome;

Dutching: sequence of bets made in several games to increase the possibility of winnings;

Green: bet that was won by a player;

Goal odds/even: bets where you choose whether the number of goals will be odd or even;

Handicap: bets that allow positive or negative margins to be added to the result.

Half Time / Full Time (HT, FT): betting on the result during the first half (HT) or until the end of a match (FT);

In-Play: bets placed during an event;

Juice bet: bet with high odds and high probability of success;

Null: A bet that has been voided or invalidated.

Odd: name given to the odds or odds of a bet;

American odds: bet in positive or negative format (+500, -200 etc.);

European odds: bet in decimal format (2.70, 5.24 etc.);

English odds: bet in fraction form (1/2, 6/8 etc.);

Over/Under goals: bet on the number of goals within a match regardless of who or which side will score;

Pick: Represents a complete analysis of a betting tip. It usually contains a lot of useful information that will help when placing the bet;

Rollover: It is the amount of times a player needs to move a certain amount in order to withdraw a received bonus.

Steam: A sudden drop in the value of a quote that normally occurs when a lot of money is put into this probability.

Tip: quick tips that are given to punters;

Tipster: person who helps players with betting tips;

Traders: specialists in quotations and who indicate values ​​about each team or player;

Underdog: A player or team that is down in odds but wins a match.

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