Glossary: Learn about the main terms used in casinos

Casino games are a success all over the world, and their own expressions, words and terms are frequently used on digital platforms and in communication between players. In a first contact with the atmosphere of games, the beginners bettors may not know the meaning of some words. In this glossary, it will be possible to know the definition of several terms. 

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All in: In poker, it means the moment when the player bets all his chips.

Maximum Bet: The highest possible amount the player can bet on a game.

Minimum Bet: The smallest possible amount for a bet on a given game.

Baccarat: One of the most popular card games in the casino.

Banker: is the professional or player who deals the cards, collects the money and pays the winners of the round.

Blackjack: Classic card game, found in most casinos.

Bluff: Expression that defines when a player tries to show that he has a better hand than his opponents, but he doesn’t.

Bonus: Prize or incentive that the casino gives to players.

Slot Machine: A type of casino gaming machine.

Craps: the popular dice game.

Dealer: Same as croupier and banker, that is, it is the professional or player who deals the cards and collects the money and pays the winners of the round, usually in card games.

Deposit: Amount the player deposits into their casino account in order to play.

Flop: Term used in the poker world for the set of the first three community cards on the table.

Flush: Term used in the game of poker to indicate a hand made up of cards of the same suit.

Spin: Term used in the context of slot machines to indicate the turn the reels make before stopping and revealing random symbols.

Extra Spin: It will indicate the amount of Free Spins the player will get when requesting or earning the bonus.

Hand: Refers to the cards that bettors have.

High Roller: High roller is a player who bets large amounts of money.

Jackpot: Jackpot on casino games and generally the highest amount that can be won in a single game.

Progressive Jackpot: The prize pool grows the more players bet on it. Once the prize is awarded, the jackpot is reset and the process will repeat again.

Table Games: One of the casino terms to indicate games played under a table, such as poker and blackjack.

Payline: Virtually all slot machines feature paylines, which are nothing more than the required order in which the symbols must appear to form a winning combination.

Multiplier: Symbol that can multiply the winnings of a winning combination.

Wagering Requirement: Number of times an online casino requires the player to play the bonus or free amount that is given to the player.

Free Spins: Also called Free Spins, the free spin is the feature present in online slot machines where extra spins are awarded. Generally, a certain combination of special symbols is required to activate the feature.

Bonus Round: Special feature present in the slot machine game. It can be activated randomly or as a specific combination of symbols appears.

Balance: Amount of credits the player has in the game to bet on.

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