Luva de Pedreiro, Igão, Mítico, Viih Tube, Cremosinho e mais influenciadores estrelam a campanha para a Copa do Mundo 2022 da F12.Bet

The World Cup is the event that most moves the betting market and the expectation for the 2022 games only grows as they approach. In order to increase the mood of Brazilians to see the ball rolling from the 20th of November, the betting site F12.Bet brought together great influencers from Brazil to show the result of the mixture of football, Brazilianness and the emotions of betting sports.

Recorded in São Paulo, the commercial will soon be on Brazilian television and brings together the unquestionable talent for football of Luva de Pedreiro and Adonias, in addition to the iconic narration by Ney Silva and the humor of influencers Cremosinho, Igão, Mítico, Viih Tube, Victor Sarro and Dennis DJ.

In an amusing tone, the campaign entitled “I know that gives” will reinforce the desire of Brazilians for the long-awaited hexa and will make a new announcement of the company, which has been in the betting market since the beginning of this year and shows that it is gaining more and more the preference of Brazilians when it comes to making that “fezinha”.

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