NFT is one of the most commented topics in 2022

It is not a coincidence that one of the most searched words on Google at the beginning of this year is NFT. Besides the fact that celebrities like Neymar and Snoop Dogg have both bought some and the huge amount of money in these transactions, non-fungible tokens can change the global economy.

New technology offers a great capability of transformation by the opportunity of creating the domain about something in the digital world and, accordingly, scarce assets in this fast, simultaneous and full of reproductions information context. But, think about it: why would someone buy a copyable NFT?

The first step is to understand that NFTs are started by the arts market. Certainly, you have already seen multiple copies of Van Gogh’s, Picasso’s and other famous painters’ paintings. Despite that, that does not interfere with the desire for the original one. This new technology follows the same line of thinking. Even if a painting can be copied thousands of times, everyone knows where the original is and whose it is. That also does not restrain people from willing to go to museums to see the original painting.

Though the art part of the discussion is very important, the NFTs are not restrained to that. In the future, it will be possible to depict different items, products, moments, photos and more, in the digital field. Basically, everything we produce in the real world can create a non-fungible token. And the most revolutionary: excluding intermediary processes systems that inspect tangible assets (such as currencies, transactions, money and others) and non-fungible assets (such as flats, music and clothes, among others).

O que parece estar começando de forma despretensiosa está sendo um espaço para testes de grandes avanços, como o metaverso. 

What seems to be in its beginning in an unpretentious way is being used as a way of testing big advances, like the metaverse.


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