Sport Win! Carlinhos Bala and Neto Baiano beat Denis Marques and Flávio Caça Rato by 8x2 in the Desafio dos Clássicos

The Classics Challenge brought together more than 7 thousand people in Geraldão, this Tuesday (18), for a historic classic between: Sport x Santa Cruz, represented by the doubles Carlinhos Bala/Neto Baiano and Denis Marques/Caça-Rato. Ending with Mc Daniel show and party for the Lion with the score of 8×2.

Energy of Classic of the Crowds, the taunts were perceived even before entering the field. On the lawn, it was no different. When running over the rival duo, Neto Baiano and Carlinhos Bala let their opponents score the goal and even lay down on the ground.

The game was broadcast on the official Youtube channel of Desafio Um Pra Um and had more than 300,000 views. Also shown live on Instagram by digital influencer Ney Silva, more than 88,000 people were watching the match simultaneously.

In addition to the victory belt, Neto Baiano and Carlinhos Bala pocketed together 20 thousand, prize paid by F12.Bet, master sponsor of the event. According to the stars, winning would also guarantee a barbecue paid for by the losers, a bet made between friends Neto Baiano and Denis Marques before the game.

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