Alternative sports are exploding on social media

Football is the most popular sport in the world. A passion that crosses centuries, geographic limits and financial contexts. With the popularity of social networks, new alternative sports with technical aspects derived from football are emerging and booming, such as: 1×1, 2×2, Futmesa and Foot table.


1×1 and 2×2

Conceived by Ney Silva, a digital influencer from Recife, with almost 1 million followers on Instagram, the 1×1 modality is a phenomenon on the platform. Different from everything that is being done in the sports scene, Ney bet on the simplicity of the floodplain championships in the Metropolitan Region of Recife, recording videos, narrations and comments of bids in an iconic way.

The 1×1 unites attacks, dribbles and a lot of adrenaline. The game is determined by a player and his goalkeeper against a pair of the same composition. The confrontation considers that it is not enough to be good in just one aspect of football. It is necessary to be a complete player, mastering the principles of finishing, marking, dribbling and resistance.

2×2 is a variation of 1×1. With the same logic and rules, the game is defined by the skills of two players together with their goalkeeper against another team of the same formation.


Played singly or in doubles, futmesa is dominating the country. The reason is simple: the sport mixes soccer, volleyball and table tennis. The goal is just one: do not let the player get the ball back. For this, each side has three touches, using the authorized limbs (head, shoulder, thigh, chest and foot). Sets end when someone reaches 15 or 21 points.

A success among professionals, futmesa helps in the development of motor coordination, improves reflexes, aim and ball control.

Foot table

Inspired by fumesa and adding features from other modalities, the foot table can be created with traditional plastic tables, or even with professional ones, which have a different flexibility.

However, the small table makes it more difficult to get the points right. The rules are the same as for futmes, with the addition that the ball can hit any wall of the octagon, as long as it does not fall to the ground and, before passing to the opposing team, bounces on the table.

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