Arena F12 guarantees fans' celebration with Xand Avião, even after elimination from the Brazilian team

All over the world, fans of the Brazilian National Team suffered watching the match of the World Cup Quarter Finals on Friday (9), marked by the absence of goals in regular time, by the short hope of victory after Neymar’s goal, at the end of the first half of injury time, and by the growing anxiety that turned to frustration after Croatia’s equalizer and defeat on penalties.

For those who chose to follow the game at the F12.Bet Arena, however, the sadness ended with the final whistle. Xand Avião and Dennis DJ replaced the frustration of the defeat with the party atmosphere and guaranteed a party worthy of the cup.

The F12 Arena, located in Pina, offers a mega-structure and was the chosen location for carrying out Project X, brought to Recife by the Delux agency. The space, whose gates opened at 11 am, had a super screen where the match was shown, a covered area and a food court. There 

were more than ten hours of partying, with a premium open bar and various attractions.

The party, served with lots of gin, whiskey, energy drinks, beer, vodka, drinks, coconut water, mineral water and soda, started at 12:00 and was led by Xand Avião, with the participation of Dennis DJ, Liu, Ralk, Tato and Helton Lima.

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