Discover the advantages of live betting

F12.Bet offers the possibility to bet live during games and matches, allowing players to guarantee a profit or minimize a loss. The feature is very interesting, especially for those who do not feel safe with their bet and prefer to end it early.

Another great advantage is granted to those who want to increase their chances of winning, they have the opportunity to follow and analyze what is happening during the dispute to decide how they prefer to risk.

F12.Bet users can choose to bet live on various sports such as: tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, etc. As the game or match progresses, the odds change, the odds change as well and users can place new bets based on their ratings.

In the “Live Betting” section of the platform, a list of clashes that are happening at that moment will be displayed, along with the score and the timer, which shows the current situation of the sporting event for the player to make a strategic decision.

Despite greater security, live betting is also great for upping the dose of excitement. When following a match, the user can decide to bet on which team will score the next goal or have the next corner, for example, staying in the home crowd and vibrating every second.

Bets must be placed carefully, analyzing the events of the match well, to avoid acting impulsively or losing control.

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