Game Streaming: Discover the main platforms used in Brazil


Reference in live game streaming, Twitch emerged in 2011 with focus on game fans, broadcasting matches and virtual championships. The expressive growth came along with the phenomenon of electronic sports, League of Legends and Dota 2 championships, for example.

Twitch continues to be the market leader, starting to also host channels focused on conversations, music, crypto, sports betting and more.


Another platform for those who want to stream games live is Youtube. Although it doesn’t offer the same features as Twitch, the platform has greater popularity, which allows people and companies to boost broadcasts. Some championships, for example, use Youtube as a secondary channel for fans to watch the disputes.

Nimo TV

The Chinese live streaming video service was launched in Brazil, in September 2018. A reference in China, Nimo TV also operates globally, reaching 14 countries.

As the main interest is in mobile games, it’s quite simple to use the platform, requiring only a smartphone with internet access. In this way, the user will be able to make a live with the games.


The platform name BOOYAH! originates from the game Free Fire, since both are from the same developer. In the game, the expression is used when a team wins a match. Despite the inspiration and focus on Free Fire, users can live stream other titles and games.

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