"Luva Melhor do Mundo", learn more about the exclusive Luva de Pedreiro game at the F12.Bet casino

The sporting world can rejoice. The influencer Luva de Pedreiro, who won thousands of followers with videos of his skills with the ball, prepared a surprise with the betting site F12.Bet. This is the exclusive game “Luva Melhor do Mundo”, already available on the platform.

The influencer has become an icon for his talent, passion and charisma. Betting on the iconic catchphrases of the star player in the audio resources, the launch of the game “Luva Melhor do Mundo” brings the possibility for fans of the star player to hit the goal, just like him, to win incredible prizes.

Marcelo Seiroz, founding partner of F12 Entertainment, says that the game “adds innovation and an immersive experience with Luva de Pedreiro. We want to provide, exclusively to F12 players, a complete game that is easy to interact with.”

The game offers an innovative mobile experience, allowing the player to control the power and direction of the shot with his finger. By scoring goals, the player gets spectacular prizes. And when Luva de Pedreiro takes over the game, the ball catches fire and the goal is certain.

“For us, it was a great pleasure to work on this project that pays tribute to Luva de Pedreiro and his magic in football. The game “Luva Melhor do Mundo” is a creation of our team and offers gameplay never seen before in a mobile game. We are very proud of the end result and very excited to see feedback from players trying out and having fun with the game.” – Rui Pena, Creative Director at Darwin, developer of the game “Lluva Melhor do Mundo”.

Discover the feeling of scoring like the Luva de Pedreiro with the game “Luva Melhor do Mundo”, available exclusively at the F12.Bet casino.

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