Pix allows fast deposit and withdrawal on the F12.Bet

Pix is the newest and most revolutionary payment method in Brazil. And it has been facilitating the option of depositing and withdrawing on betting sites. F12.Bet users can withdraw their winnings in a practical, fast, safe and hassle-free way.

Through pix, bettors have several advantages, such as:

Speed – Money, from deposits or withdrawals, tends to enter the account within seconds of completing the transaction.

Availability – Pix can be used 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including weekends and holidays.

Free – This payment method is generally free for individuals.

Security – The Pix payment system is one of the safest methods, since it requires the user’s digital authentication, transaction traceability and encryption of transaction data on the National Financial System Network, of the Central Bank.

To use the payment method at F12.Bet, you must first have a registration to use Pix at a bank or payment institution.

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