With a cell phone in hand, Ney Silva inspires young people to follow a sports career

An always present smile on his face and a great passion for football. These are the characteristics that best define João Guilherme, 10 years old. Despite being born with arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that affects the joints of babies that have not developed properly, the boy never let limitations stop him from playing football (in his own way) and dreaming of pursuing a sports career.

On Instagram, João follows football-related news and is inspired by sports influencers. One of them is Ney Silva, with more than 1 million followers, who shares the Um Pra Um Challenge games on social media.

There is a reason why João is so excited about “Voz da Várzea”, as Ney is known by the public on the internet: he showed that it is possible to make history on the edge of the field and with just a cell phone in hand. Narrating the “Um Pra Um” games in lives on Instagram, Ney has been conquering a legion of admirers and increasingly expanding the modality in Brazil and in the world.

João Guilherme is one of the many followers of Ney Silva, who consume the content and realize that it is possible to create opportunities with a mobile device, charisma and creativity.

In the sports universe there are countless stories of overcoming, such as those of people who had their lives truly transformed by some activity. Therefore, sport is a tool for social inclusion, which provides recovery, strengthening and is able to inspire so many people, like João.

“He has the dream of becoming a player, but he is also aware of his limitations. That’s why he says he prefers to be a narrator or commentator, like Ney Silva”, explains Ana Patrícia, the boy’s mother.

In addition to nurturing dreams, sport also provides memories and special moments for the family, such as trips to stadiums and society fields to watch games and nights watching the lives of “Um Pra Um” matches.

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